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Without you the hand gropes..the ear hears..the pulse beats..

Life goes on but I'm gone cause I die without you.

Tracy's FanFiction
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Tracy's FanFiction
My name is Tracy and I'm one of those obsessed, fancrazed, shippercrazed fangirls. My main fandoms/shows are: Charmed, One Tree Hill, Roswell, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Alias, Friends, and Harry Potter. I think most of the stories you see from me will be OTH related stories but here's a list of my favorite ships which I do write many one shots on each.

Leo & Piper
Nathan & Haley
Lucas & Brooke
Tony & Michelle
Ron & Hermione
Michael & Maria
Max & Liz
Buffy & Angel
Willow & Tara
Vaughn & Sydney

If you like my writing and/or you are just as much a fangirl about the same things as I am them please stick around and see what kind of stories come out of my head. Oh, and there won't be stories one after another it's kinda like only when I have my muse which I often do so I hope you enjoy it here.
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